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HemiPleat Filter for Donaldson Downflo - Flame Retardant Carbon

HemiPleat Filter for Donaldson Downflo - Flame Retardant Carbon

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Our Price: $120.90

Product Code: FLTR-RT-D1-L26-OO-FR135

12.75" OD x 8.37" ID x 26, open/open.

HemiPleat dust collector filters collect more dust, pulse better, last longer and save money. No matter which dust collector you have, the HemiPleat filter can improve its performance. State-of-the-art pleating technology delivers many valuable benefits to dust collector maintenance.
  • 100% Media Use - more media is available for filtration, resulting in improved performance and longer life.
  • Saves Money & Time - less maintenance and longer filter life.
  • Enhanced Pulse Jet Cleaning - dust is ejected from deep within the pleats.
  • Breathable Media Pleats - reduces the "dirty work" of replacing filters.
  • Lower Pressure Drop (Delta P) - open pleat spacing improving cleaning efficiency.
For Donaldson Torit collectors.
Camfil APC part number 211985003.
OEM part numbers: 8PP-24009-00, 8PP-40766-00, 8PP-48108-00, 8PP-72450-01, 8PP-72456-01, 8PP-72482-01, P030925-461-436, P030930-016-431, P191222-461-434, P191509-016-431, P191522-016-436, P191563-016-340, P191654-016-576, P520433-016-340, P527080-461-436, 33-0290, 33-1247, 33-1295, 33-1296, 33-1300, 1212232, 8PP2400900, 8PP4076600, 8PP4810800, 8PP7245001, 8PP7245601, 8PP7248201, P030925461436, P030930016431, P191222461434, P191509016431, P191522016436, P191563016340, P191654016576, P520433016340, P527080461436, 330290, 331247, 331295, 331296, 331300